Free Intro Session

Why offer a free intro session?

It gives your potential client an opportunity to experience your coaching abilities and builds rapport without commitment. In doing this, your potential client can get to know you before they hire you. It’s also a great way for you to see if they are the right client for you.

This is really more like a short intro to your style of coaching. It’s not really a session at all. It’s more like a consultation. Feel free to call it whatever you want.

How to book a free session

Talk about your coaching often, when someone seems interested, hand them your card and ask if you can call them within 24 hours to schedule a free intro session. Ask for their name, phone number and email address. (Also a great way to build your database).

Build rapport and connect with your potential client… (Ask where they are from? Talk about the place you met.) Rather than just selling yourself to them right away, get to know them then lead into how your practice can help them.

Explain what coaching is and is not… (Most people don’t even know what life coaching is and often think it’s the same thing as counseling.)

Start the Session

Keep it short and sweet, remind your client that this is only an introductory session or consultation and will be about 15 minutes. You don’t want to give them a full session, you just want to give them a taste of what you do.

Find out what your potential client wants or needs, you could ask them to share what has been on their mind lately… Help them to see how having help in achieving what they want or need can greatly impact their lives… Briefly look at what their challenges or blocks are…

Create a one-step action plan that will help them move beyond these challenges or blocks. This is something they feel they can do right now.

Let them know that you are excited to build this relationship and help them achieve success.

Close the Session

Allow them to be in the excitement for a moment then ask them if they would like to schedule their first session with you. Thank them for their time and willingness to meet with you. This is one of the fastest ways to build your practice. Just be yourself and the right clients for you will show up.