Silence Stillness and Learning to Listen

You know the saying, “silence is golden?” The phrase is a universal guide to helping us in all areas of our life. It means it is better to be silent than to speak. This is very important information when learning a spiritual practice.

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

7 Reasons Why Silence is Golden

1. Words are Sacred
Words are not just a sound to communicate to someone, it is a vibration that you send out to the universe. When we speak, we are not just speaking words. We are communicating with our tones and our emotional state. In Sanskrit, each word is a specific frequency. This allows the speaker to clearly communicate his intent without any confusion or vague meanings. But our modern languages leave us open for interpretation! This is due to a lack of frequency alignment and little understanding in emotions in a society ruled by reason. In spiritual matters, the word can be understood in plants, animals, and babies alike. If our words become exclusive to humans, then we will be further disconnected with nature.

2. You become Wise
When words are many, words become prone to destructive sayings. Remember the sticks and stones nursery rhyme? “Sticks and stones will break my bones. but words will never hurt me.”

We believe that words are arbitrary sounds that don’t do anything because words don’t give a blow to the physical body. Yet, why do words hurt? It is because words do hurt if it is used as a weapon. People who are ignorant of the power of words may cause harm on the mental and astral level of the body. Science already recognizes the power of suggestions, where words can influence the behavior of the person’s mental and emotional state to cause a certain outcome.

For example, negative suggestions would tell the child, “Do Not press the giant yellow button that says “Press Me.” Most people will press the button because their curiosity got the best of them. But it is the words themselves that can travel, in strings of frequency, to the mind of the receiver. Words can inflict blows as powerful as a blow to the physical body. It doesn’t attack the physical body, but it does attack the mental, emotional and spiritual body. The more we learn to use words wisely, the better our life will become.

3. You can’t help those who don’t want to listen
A person in need of help will seek your help. A person not looking for help will filter your help as being a nuisance. Be careful of helping others without their consent, this may end up making them worse, even if the help was truly genuine. People will not be open to being helped if it isn’t asked for at that particular time. Thus, only help those who are asking for your help. Do not help others whose help is not needed. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your energy and their energy.

If you share your enthusiasm for truth, spiritual insights, or beliefs to a person who isn’t listening, they may unconsciously put you down. They will either argue with you or try and question everything you say, or try to get you to believe their point of view.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but people would rather listen to fiction that makes sense than to a truth that they can’t comprehend.

4. Silence frees us from people’s words
Silence frees us from what people think of us, how they judge us, and what they say to us. It is true that the more negative judgments people have on us, the more we feel drained from their words.

Your power comes from your belief. If that belief is weakened or crushed by other people’s disbelief and failures, then so will your power and sanity.

Be silent of your powers. Be silent of your gifts. Be silent of your practices, unless it is to someone worthy to be shared with.

By being silent with our personal practices to people who do not align with us vibrationally, it will make us much more free of needless words that do not help.

5. Spiritual things are of an unspoken nature
For us to connect, to listen to the voices of our inner being, we must be still to hear the words of Spirit. Spirit is felt and sometimes seen. By first feeling and experiencing, we will then come to know and see.

By talking and exchanging words, we come to theorize and theorizing leads to collecting intellectual knowledge, but intellectual knowledge is not the same as knowing. It can help, but it is the experience which we come to realize. The more we talk and talk and talk, the less we truly experience it. Then the spiritual things become a mere concept where people will either believe or disbelieve it and forever be in an endless loop of restlessness. But if we bring silence into the conversation, experiencing spiritual things for ourselves, then words no longer matter and we have peace within ourselves.

6. Silence brings reflection
There are some who fear the silence. When there is silence in a conversation, we fill it up with endless chatter so that it won’t get awkward. When there is silence in our environment, we turn on the television or music to fill the area with noises. In silence, we are stripped of all distractions and we are met with facing ourselves. If we are uneasy with our own silence, it is because we don’t feel secure with how we are truly feeling. Once we are at ease with silence, we find that silence welcomes reflection in ourselves, and healing comes when we can reflect within our deeper selves.

7. You listen and understand more

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” – Epictetus

Not talking means you are listening. When you are listening, you understand. There is no need to come up with something to say. There is no need to worry about whether you are a good conversationalist. And there is no need to try to make out what the person is trying to say.

Everything that you need will come to you if you are open to receiving it.

Exercise: Choose a specific time of day where you will remain completely silent or if you can, for an entire day. Let those know whom you are close to that you will be doing this. Have a pen and paper ready to let them know you are being silent for a while. Also, practice silence out in public or at work, and only speak when you absolutely have to.