Successful Business Tips

Create a Safe Environment
Always create that safe space for your client to share, explore and grow.

Never be Afraid to ask a Question that comes from your Heart
Trust your intuition. That is probably the question your client needs to be asked at that time.

Send a Reminder
It is a good idea to send your client a reminder about your session 24 hours before the session.

Be prepared for your Session
10 minutes before your session grab your client’s file and review your previous session and what you are going to cover in this session. It’s a great way to prepare yourself and get in the right frame of mind.

Answer your phone with enthusiasm!
Every time your phone rings, expect it to be a potential client. Always answer your phone with a smile. “Good morning or afternoon, this is (your first name).”

Follow up!
Hold yourself accountable and make sure you always follow up in a timely manner.

Keep in touch
Even if they are not working with you at this time, you want to stay connected to them, they may hire you in the future. Also, the more they hear about you, the more likely they are to refer someone to you.

Ask for referrals
“Will you refer me to your friends and family?” You can build a super successful business on just referrals!

Ask for feedback
Use the 1-10 scale, if it’s not a ten, ask them what it would take to make it a ten.

Expect opportunities!
Everywhere you go there is an opportunity to talk about coaching. Grocery store checkout line, at the bank, etc.

Find a Niche
Who is your target market?

Always give two business cards
They may know of someone who would also be interested.

Record Your Sessions
This can help you redefine your coaching and it’s an awesome tool to share with your clients.

Send a thank you card
After your first session send a card. Let your client know that you really care. Everyone loves to receive a card in the mail.

Send a birthday card
Collect your client’s birthday on the client information sheet. Make yourself a note to send it out two weeks ahead of time.

Create a schedule
Crete a schedule and stick to it. This is a great time management strategy. It also allows you to have fun time for yourself.

Decide on where you will conduct your session
In person, via Skype or by phone.

Decide on how much time you will allow for a session
Thirty minutes, one hour, an hour and a half. See example schedule.

Where will you conduct your session?
If in person, then decide where you will conduct your sessions. Personal office, local park, coffee shop.

How much to charge for your time? 
Decide how much you will charge for a session or for your time or do you work completely by donation.

Take action on your ideas
It use to always be this simple. You have an idea or get some great inspiration and you take action immediately. True? Maybe for some. Many years ago it was much easier, but now there are so many distractions that get in the way. Agree? The ONLY way to be successful in your Life Coaching Business is to take action on the ideas that you have. Inspiration comes in many forms… expect it, then act on it and you WILL be successful. Take a moment to think about your recent ideas or inspiration and write them down. Now create an action plan and get started!

Remember your “why”
Often I think of a really good idea and a really good reason why I should do it! But what happens is… I will write down the idea of the thing I want to do and later look at it and it doesn’t have as much excitement as when I first wrote it down. Well, I think I figured out a way to remember why I got so excited at the time. It was the reason why I wanted to do it! So now when I have a good idea and write it down, I will also write down why it is a good idea as well. Then I feel the same excitement as when I first wrote it down and am more motivated to take action on it.

Step 1. Write down your idea
Step 2. Write down why it’s a good idea

To Do List
In the evening, write down at least three things that you have to or want to do tomorrow. Then while you are sleeping they tend to start working themselves out for you to better take action and accomplish them the next day. Even if you only accomplish one thing on your list, you have made progress. This works!

What to do when clients start to back off…
Are your clients not returning your calls or emails? Are they constantly rescheduling? Do they cancel right before the session? Try to get an honest answer from them. Reach out to them at least three times, after that, let them be.